Alexandr – The Army of the Arts

Close to 300 years ago, my ancestors left Bohemia, and I have returned to live in the shadow of the Castle that bares my mother’s maiden name, to proceed in the journey through time and space commenced by those who came before me.

Born to a family whose cultural footprint spans the faded borders of the former Soviet Empire in all fields of expression, I was assessed at a young age (as per family tradition) as to which expressive path shall become my life project.

Theatrical performance fit most appropriately, and I was signed up for my first actors training course around my 5th birthday.

From then, I found myself in a variety of dens and theatrical halls, in the homes of aristocrats, as well as New York subway cars and street corners, performing.

And now, I have come here.

We offer a variety of shows, from Party Drinking shows, to Buffon and Poetic Clowning.

I began the movement called the Army of the Arts, a guerrilla army formed to declare creative warfare on the Elitism that pervades our culture.

No longer will artistic expression be available to a closed, exclusive group of “High-Artists” who close their doors to the average citizen.

We are Artists of the people, because we ARE the people.

The Army is here to give the average Worker and Citizen a voice, a stage, a canvas, or an instrument.

We have formed to create Art By the People, For the People.

We Will Not Stand Down.