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Studio of Arts and Vertical Education Concepts


Savec (mammal in Czech) is a creative studio in the very heart of Prague, Czech Republic. This is where multicultural unique collaborations and amazing projects, exhibitions and events take place.




We don’t keep this place only for us. The space of Savec is here for everyone, who wants to change his dreams into reality. There are various types of activities and arts in motion in our place ‒ such as photography, painting, shooting, music recording and mixing… It is not limited, we are interested in whatever you like to do. Also there are no cultural limits, studio Savec became a Prague’s multicultural meeting place and working space for people from all over the world. And we are proud of it.

Who is moving in our studio? All the artists who are amazing in their field of art and who are happy to offer you their help or cooperation. We like to guide not only all the baby mammals, who don’t know how to start, but also the experienced predators, who wouldn’t mind a small hint. Also we can help you spread the love from your work and promote it by cooperation with agency GoViral.

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Don’t be shy to let us know about you and become one of mammals.


Fits for exhibitions, presentations, trainings, castings, shootings, workshops, events for/with kids, social events and everything, what you like to do.

On our 200 m2 are various types of rooms suitable for your activities. There is so much space, that we want to share it ‒ it would be a shame not to do so! (And yes, everything is with WiFi.)


  • There is not only a unique reception table, but also a teahouse-style seating and our famous giant mammal for kids and grownups to chill out. Be careful, he can eat you!Recepce / Reception

Educational room

  • Do you want to share your knowledge up to 15 people? It will be pretty easy thanks to flipchart, whiteboard, projector, comfy sofas, chairs, whale-shaped table, hanging system and WiFi. (With reception is the together price 500 CZK/hour.)Vzdělávací místnost / A lecture room

Multifunctional atelier

  • A spacious room with hanging system, sofas and creative genius in the air. Perfect for exhibitions, social events, private music performance, painting, as a photographic studio…Multifunkční ateliér / Multifunctional atelier


There are many interesting artists from all over the world on our events. The atmosphere is filled with a good frame of mind, so don’t hesitate to join.

March 14th - April 1st 2017: Glengarry Glen Ross

Every Tuesday and Saturday night from March 14th to April 1st.

A CATNIP Divadlo and Studio SAVEC production
In association with The Language House TEFL

From the Pulitzer Prize winning drama by author David Mamet
Directed by Nicole J. Adelman
Assistant Director Marianna Bacoula

The play shows a part of two days in the lives of four desperate Chicago real estate agents who are prepared to do whatever it takes — lie, cheat, steal, harm — to sell undesirable real estate to unwitting prospective buyers. It is based on Mamet’s experience having previously worked in a similar office.

Buy tickets here!

Every Wednesday: Creative nights

If you’d like to join as a creator of any kind or a spectator, just write us on our Facebook page.

Friday night Improv

Come join us at SAVEC from 19:00-21:00 for an improv class!

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Studio Savec

Prague 1, 28. října 3 (3rd floor)

+420 603 736 016

Antonín Malý jr.

IČ: 88556085

+420 603 736 016

Studio Savec

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