Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

At Studio Savec, we host artists from all over the world at our events. The atmosphere is fun, inspirational and laid back. Don’t hesitate to join us at our next event!

  • 9th March 2018 19:00 – 21:00

    Facebook Event

    What it is:
    Prague Saber Academy class. 20 places only – book by marking yourself as GOING

    First of all for me it is important to combine fun with reality (and safety) so while there is an element of fantasy, especially in the choreographed fights, all the practices and principles will be taken from real martial art traditions, and have a value as fitness training, self-defence and meditation in movement. 

    Here is the class schedule:

    – Warm-up, mind-body coordination principles from Aikido, functional fitness, meditation sitting and in movement.
    – Form training. Sword kata (movement sequences) from Western and Japanese tradition. Singly and in pairs. 
    – Choreography, creating a short fight sequence.
    – Dueling, short paired or group duels. 
    – Cool-down, stretching. 

    Is it for me?
    If you want to learn real applicable principles for movement and self-defence, and want to do in in a fun context with lightsaber in hand, then yes. No prior knowledge required, all fitness levels welcome. 

    What do I need?
    Comfortable clothing

    How much is it? 200czk for the 2hour class

  • March 29th, 2018. 19:30 – 22:30


    SUPPER is ready, are you hungry?

    Four brothers, each an heir to their father’s vast oil empire, come together for a meal with their father to celebrate the upcoming nuptials of the eldest brother in his fiancé’s home in Japan. They bring to the table a shared violent history of (literal) back stabbing, emotional and physical abuse, and a constant fight for their parents’ approval. 
    As they wait for their father to arrive – the old coot has no sense of time, and yet, a wonderful sense of timing – old wounds begin to fester, swords are drawn, and tea is served. 

    Be a part of a family reunion that is so tense you can cut it with a knife…literally.


    300kc in advanced
    350kc at the door

    Buy your tickets now: www catnipdivadlo@gmail.com
    Join the event on Facebook now! 

    Written by: Phinny Kiyomura
    Directed by: Alexandr Krasny
    CATNIP Divadlo & Studio SAVEC Production
    In association with The Language House TEFL & GoViral.cz
    Graphic by: Gustavo Bonanno

    Billy: Filip Karda
    Charles: Bob Boudreaux 
    David: Vit Spanhel
    Freddy: James Astles 
    Naomi: Nhung Dang

  • March 24th, 2018

    Facebook Event

    Who is it for?
    Children aged 7-12, with basic/intermediate level of English, who want to learn the skills of a Saber-knight while having a lot of fun. 


    What is it?
    FUN LEARNING!! A 3 hour class combining saber dueling and choreography, improvisation skills, martial arts and mind-body coordination(Aikido, fencing), Meditation (mindfulness), and language work in English on the topics of the class and Values, respect and how to learn to become who you want to be. 

    1) Welcome and staff performance
    2) What is a Saber-knight and what are values (English teaching and discussion). Etiquette, respect and safety. 
    3) Saber giving ceremony.
    4) Mind-body coordination and basic saber forms
    5) Meditation break
    6) Rolling and choreography skills
    7) Dueling
    8) Final show choreography practice
    9) Parents pick-up and final performance

    Who are the teachers:

    Sebastien Martineau is an Aikido Sensei and experienced fencer, psychologist and corporate trainer with a TEFL qualification and 15 years experience of teaching martial arts to children.

    Thor Von Presley (no really, that’s his name) is a TEFL Qualified teacher, highly experienced running camps for young people in the US, and an Aikido student. He’s really really good at making things. 

    What your child needs:

    A costume, comfortable, cape optional. 
    Sabers, made out of foam for dueling, and proper sabers for performance will be provided. 

    1000 czk per child

    How to register:
    Mark yourself as GOING on the event, and comment with the names and ages of your children who will attend.