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Jan 29th, BIG Wednesday – Johnny Youngblood

This year we are going to host just one Wednesday a month for our friends and community, that way we can all meet at the same time to celebrate and also it will give us a chance to highlight what’s going on with our mammal artists and also invite Visiting artists.
THIS MONTH’S SPOTLIGHT is our dear Johnny Youngblood who will be performing live his new song, Eyeglazed.
Be the FIRST too see this song performed live in our sweet mammal home ♥


Starting January 2020 GoViral is proud to present the first in a series of free exclusive Learning Labs where attendees can discover more about Inbound Marketing and learn directly from industry experts. Find out more about our #InboundInsights series below.
The Inbound Revolution
Tuesday 28th of January 2020 at 18:00

The world of marketing has evolved. In the age of information, we are facing a constant barrage of marketing messages at every turn and standing out in a crowd has never been more challenging. Discover how to break through the noise with the first of our #InboundInsights sessions.

More details and registration here.

How We Made a Million Euros in One Week
Tuesday 25th of February 2020 at 18:00

Don’t miss the second #InboundInsights session this February where you can find out how inbound marketing helped GoViral disrupt the real estate industry and gain unprecedented returns for one of the Czech Republic’s most reputable developers.

More details and registration here.

The Inbound Marketing Strategy for Sales
WEEKEND CRASH COURSE: March 21st -22nd, 9:00 – 17:30 both days

After two #InboundInsights sessions, where you had the possibility to hear more about the power of Inbound Marketing, GoViral is offering you an opportunity to learn how to create a measurable, attainable, kick-ass inbound marketing strategy for your business in just one weekend!

More details and registration here.

The Ultimate Inbound Marketing Toolkit
Tuesday 31st of March at 18:00

Organisation and planning are essential when it comes to creating a solid inbound marketing strategy for your business.In this session, attendees will be guided through a selection of essential tools to help them succeed when putting the inbound marketing methodology into practice.

More details and registration here.

Upcoming Events

At Studio Savec, we host artists from all over the world at our events. The atmosphere is fun, inspirational and laid back. Don’t hesitate to join us at our next event!