Fotofellow to Go

Antonin MalyFounder of Fotofellow To Go and Studio Savec

I am a photographer raised on old-school rules in a new age. I am interested in culture, art, nature, and all kinds of creative collaborations.

I founded Studio Savec with my friends and colleagues in 2011 and I opened Fotofellows To Go in 2016. My mission is to care for our creative space and fill it with all kinds of creative dreams, so we can deliver meaningful projects to our clients. Our main focus is photo and video services, but thanks to the Savec collective, we also have a selection of special packages of additional services that are on offer to meet any of your needs.

I work in many different fields of photography from artistic and classic photography, products, event photos, weddings, support for non-profit organizations to off-road vehicles and food photography.

I love to create special spaces for parties and festivals, and I am able to build a mobile base for cultural events, photo stages, personalised tea rooms, and a chill-out music stage in Fotofellows unique tent space anywhere you need!

My goal is to provide my crafty services for nice people, awesome productions and organizations, and good products. I am always on the move, I  use this mobility to my advantage and that’s why I am Fotofellow To Go – because I’m ALWAYS ready to go!


Fotofellow to go

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