Johnny Youngblood

Johnny Youngblood is a Hip-Hop artist from Portsmouth, Virginia  USA.

He started in 1998 with UKKNODACREW in Virginia Beach, Virginia With Producer Smiles TF1 and Maestro. He then moved from the area to Baltimore MD where he released several tracks with Chicken Master, a local punk band. What’s a Dick 4? can be found on Bandcamp.

Johnny then made the move to Prague, Czech Republic, where he was discovered by Nironic the most popular Expat rapper of his time. He joined Nironic’s imprint SlickTalkers. He recorded several tracks featured on Nironic and DJ Fatte’s album with the songs Necessary evil with C-Bugz and C.Monts and  Heels Toned Calves. Once the Prague Chapter of Slick Talkers dissolved he went solo under TyVole label and released his first single ‘7 City Slasher’ from the Album Sea Dream Moniker in 2014. Johnny’s second single ‘Breathe’ was released later that year to critical acclaim. In 2015 he released SDM II with the breakout single ‘New Cents’.

His style can be described as a mix of Delivery of Busta Rhymes, Lyrical style similar to Aesop Rock, with a hardcore Boom Bap beat style.