Studio Savec has 200m2 of gorgeous, creative, fluid space that we love to share with those looking to host exhibitions, presentations, trainings, castings, shootings, workshops, events for/with kids, social events and everything! Whatever your needs, Studio Savec has a space to match it!

Every room has wifi, electrical outlets, and can be adapted to your needs!

Education Room – 300 Kč/hr

We’ve got flipcharts, whiteboards, projectors, a comfy sofa, plenty of chairs and, in true Savec style, a handmade “whale table” for all of your conference, workshop, or social needs! It can comfortably fit up to 15 people and can be rented along with our reception room for a combined cost of 500kc/hr.

Reception – 300 Kč/hr

This is our most fun room! At 40m2, it houses some of the more unique Savec decor including a natural wood reception table that can work as a bar. On a small stage, we have teahouse style seating. This room is also where our famous giant mammal lives that you’ll have to climb in to believe. It’s perfect for kids or adults just be careful! The mammal might get hungry!  It can comfortably fit up to 15 kids and 5 adults.

Multifunctional Room – 500 Kč/hr

Here we have our most spacious room. This 50m2 room is perfect for private performances, exhibitions, parties, whatever you need! The space can easily transform to meet the needs and mood of your event. It is fully equipped with couches, tables, lighting options, and more. It can comfortably host anywhere from 15 to 25 guests.  

Combination of Rooms

Contact us to get a special deal on booking more than one room at a time!