Tea Room

The Studio Savec Tea Room is the perfect way to bring people together over the comfort of sharing delicious tea. Studio Savec is able to set up a personal tea party in any location you would like. The Tea Room includes oriental rugs, a tea set, and a selection of teas provided by Meettea.

Tea Room Service Options

  1. Self Service – Studio Savec Team will provide and set up everything need for your Tea Room experience, leaving you and your guests stress free to enjoy your tea. This is our self-service option that can accommodate groups up to 100 people.
  2. Traditional Tea Ceremony – Just like our first service option, we will bring the Tea Room to you and set you and your guests with everything you need to enjoy a private tea party. On top of that, a monk will lead you and your guests through a traditional tea ceremony. The monk will serve you tea and show you the proper etiquette for enjoying tea in the authentic ceremonial style. This service is good for smaller groups of up to 6 people. The traditional tea ceremony is held in cooperation with Meettea
  3. Tea Room with Balls – Studio Savec Team will set up everything you need for your Tea Room experience inside a beautiful 10m2 tent. We’ll even bring our special sweet rice balls! This option is great for larger events such as festivals, weddings or parties as we can create an awesome space for music, bands, DJs, theatre, workshops anywhere you need! This service can accommodate groups of any size, big or small.